Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tiling Eichling's Bathroom Window

So Eichling had a larger window installed in her bathroom, but the tile surround had to be cut during the process.  A little decorative trim ought to take care of the problem, and that was the plan.

Bill inspects the window (while the shower head dribbles on his head).

More inspection by Bill and Eichling.  The window has to open all the way, so the trim can't impede the hinge mechanism.

A piece of trim duct-taped in position to test the hinge.

Eichling cuts long thin pieces of dryboard.

Every job goes better with a dog.  Lucifer supervises.

If one dog is good, three must be better.  Freya and Loki concur.  (Lady has more sense and stays outside.)

The working area has to be brought up to the level of the tile.

Steph cuts and snaps a piece of dryboard.

All the human bodies that will fit in one bathroom.

Steph posing in the tub for a progress shot.  A Mudder doing the mudding.  ;-j

Freya and Loki sure got their exercise going up and down the stairs.  A lot.  (No pictures, but Lady shunned the whole project for the front yard.)

Bill cuts down a whole lot of 4" tiles to make the trim.

Surprisingly effective work station.

Mitered cuts were called for.

Chicken break.  Time to feed the chickens...and goat...and horse.  Eichling and Steph carry the sack of cracked corn.

Veggies for the chickies and carrots for Bo (who thought the camera might be something to eat - hard to take pics with a horse head in your face).

Bo looking for more carrots.  The mesh is a fly mask.

Jolly is looking for carrots too.

Bill, Steph and Jolly watch the chickies feast.

They're getting big, but they'll get bigger!

Veggie tops are a real treat.

A couple wayward chickies needed corraling.
Jolly and Bo eat companionly.

As do we.  Time for our dinner break...nom, nom.

And back to work, getting ready to tile...finally!

Loki pauses before heading down.

It's a major task for his old bones.

But a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do.

Of course what goes down must come back up again.  (Lucifer had more sense - he stayed upstairs.)

Bill applies tiles!

Pause for a progress shot.

Dang!  Real progress!

Just the tile-on-tile hinge side to go.

Any project goes better with dogs underfoot.  Lucifer and Loki think so.

Eiching applies liquid nails to the hinge-side tiles while Bill applies them to the wall.

Duct-tape and tootpicks hold the tiles in place until they dry.

Ask for a simple pose and this is what you get.  ;- j

Sing it with me now ~ A ten hour job ~

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